Tower Unite Merchandise (and TU-themed) Patterns for Animal Crossing New Horizons and New Leaf

New Horizons:

Designs can be accessed using the design kiosk after unlocking Able Sisters:

Author Code MA-0008-7836-5458

Merchandise patterns:

Canvas Not Set:

Catsack Face:

Catsack Pattern:

TU Logo Black:

TU Logo Blue:

Play, Create, Party:

Other patterns:

Kalleira Outfit:

Dragon Hoodie:

New Leaf QR Codes:


QR codes:

HNI_0097 HNI_0098 HNI_0099 HNI_0100


QR codes:

HNI_0092 HNI_0093 HNI_0094 HNI_0095


QR Codes

HNI_0087 HNI_0088 HNI_0089 HNI_0090


QR Codes:

HNI_0002 HNI_0003 HNI_0004 HNI_0005


QR Codes:

HNI_0007 HNI_0008 HNI_0009 HNI_0010


QR Codes:

HNI_0012 HNI_0013 HNI_0014 HNI_0015


This is so awesome! I’m going to scan these for AC:NH next month. You did a great job.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have been waiting for a new CONSOLE quality Animal Crossing since the original gamecube release. The original gamecube AC was a port of the n64 game and City Folk apparently used a modified version of Wild World’s engine. So really, this is the first time since the original release of Animal Forrest on n64 that we’re getting an Animal Crossing game built from the ground up for a current gen console.

I skipped City Folk, so I can’t wait to finally play Animal Crossing on the couch with a pro controller on a big TV. I’m going to sink so many hours into this one.

Nothing again the DS titles. I played WW and NL to death, but I can’t do long sessions on handhelds anymore.


Do you play Pocket Camp? I’ve been playing basically nonstop because I’m so excited for NH

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I did for a while, loved it originally. Now that it has Lootboxes AND an optional paid subscription, I can’t bring myself to play anymore. The core gameplay loop and decorating are super satisfying, I just hate Nintendo’s mobile monetizing so much.

Supposedly it will tie-in with AC:NH, so I built up my level and furniture collection a decent amount if that comes into play.

I haven’t paid a cent and I don’t feel hindered in anyway.

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I am READY to sport these in New Horizons.


I’m dressing as both a catsack AND the Doritos packet in the back.

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Sporting the catsack face shirt now forever


This is so perfect


Currently working on remaking these designs for New Horizons to take advantage of the new color options (plus the newer t-shirt model for non-QR patterns). However, Able Sisters isn’t built yet (and I’m opposed to time traveling), so it’ll take a week or so to for them to be available.
Fortunately, downloading these newer patterns seems to be possible by only entering a code corresponding to a given user, rather than scanning several QR codes.

I’ve also made a few Tower-inspired designs that will be available then as well:

custom patterns are fun

For those who haven’t figured out how to put QR patterns in-game, you just need the Nintendo Switch Online app (Able Sisters not required):

  1. On the title screen of New Horizons, press - to set up NookLink.

  2. Using the Nintendo Switch Online app, scan the QR code for the design you want to use (only one can be scanned at a time)

  3. Open the Custom Designs app on the NookPhone, and press + to download the pattern scanned in the app.

  4. Repeat for the other patterns (it’s pretty inefficient).


Damn, those are some solid designs! Good work!

Finally unlocked Able Sisters, so thread has been updated with the new patterns. Some turned out better than the old New Leaf ones, but others did get negatively impacted by the pattern smoothing going on.

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