Tower Unite Max Graphics Showcase

I made a little video showcasing the game at max graphics settings. And I gotta say, unreal engine 4 looks super pretty.

Nice showcase!
What are your specs?

Only 4000 times better than what I got going on, but you know no big deal…

Thanks! My specs are 8GB of RAM, AMD-FX 8350 processor and just recently upgraded to an EVGA GTX 970.

It’ll look slightly better with the update.

Pretty damn nice for an Alpha build!

There’s still somewhat an issue of jaggedness, but I’m sure that’ll be fixed up in the future.

Nice vid, but you should redo it next update with 1080p :wink:

Sweet! :smiley:

I would if i could, but i still don’t have a 1080p monitor because i’m a scrub. :c