Tower unite maps

You should add weather to maps like it should take the your local weather or something and see what it is. Especially golf maps because weather is a big part in golf sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually like this, I think weather in minigames could be pretty cool, Maybe it could be a mutator. Though it’s a shame, it’d probably take to much time to develop but if there’s an easy way to make I think you guys should :smiley:

Some particle effects, lighting changes and a system that determines golf ball move speed, sliding and other variables shouldn’t be too hard to make.

I would like to see snow around Christmas and dark skies/lightning around Halloween. I think that’d be really cool.


This would be a really cool Idea, Kind of like how GMT Has it’s own holiday map changes (at least in Lobby1)

Yeah but have it be automatically managed, i.e. not having to change out the map like in Source.

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Which is why I think it’d be a really cool Idea

There’s a day night cycle planned right? I feel like this definitely went through the devs minds.


A Day/Night cycle would obviously be an amazing addition (it was even planned for lobby 2 long before its release). And making it based on your local weather would be neat too, however that should be togglable (and I am not sure how possible/easy this is to make).

I have the feeling that I replied to so many suggestions with “This should be togglable” now…

Stop being neutral, dammit!

I think local weather would be a little too much. I’m fine with the weather changing for all based on the time of year or certain holidays. Not to parrot my previous post, but snow at Christmas, thunderstorms at Halloween, autumn weather around Thanksgiving, fireworks and night skies for New Year and Independence Day, etc, is reasonable for now. Fixed events and changes like these are somewhat commonplace in MMOs.

I believe that weather was already (kinda) confirmed. Did nobody check?

As much as I’d like it to be, it’s not technically confirmed but is something the devs would like to do.

(btw pls confirm weather)

Eh, I think local weather would be a bit hard to do. Also it would be nice to have the same weather as other players instead of one person seeing sunny days and the other seeing hurricane katrina.

Pinging a zip code, grabbing the general weather condition, and then displaying that condition from a stock of instances doesn’t seem that difficult honestly.

Hey, I actually really like that. If weather is clientside, then it can be disabled as well.

Only problem is that I live in Texas and I’d never see the plaza covered in snow.

What if you could enter the zip code yourself? Then you could experience a different climate or sync up the weather with friends.


Another glaring problem with this is respecting privacy. I think I’d go for an optional “Zip code?” box because I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel about anyone pinging me for my location.

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Local weather was some thing I randomly thought of and decided to post it here. I myself changed my mind about it. Feels kinda boring to have the same weather in-game when you can already see your local weather from out of the window.

Randomised weather would be much more fun, and people could experience it together.

I agree with this overall, as I feel it would be fun to enjoy the same weather as your friends. Hell, maybe even the events have some other content instead of just FX, like NPCS go inside or stand under something, or if its a thunderstorm, lights could occasionally flicker.