Tower Unite Loading Issues

I have been having loading issues with Tower unite, and even though I meet system requirements, it still freezes when I want to play on a plaza. Either the game crashes or I have to force restart my computer. Any solutions to stop this from happening?

How long you’ve waited when this happens?

Sometimes 15 minutes

Also, I have checked the UE4 perf, and it works perfectly fine. About 25-30 FPS, which is decent for me.

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Also I just tried minigolf, and it worked fine.

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The UE4 performance test isn’t really accurate for the plaza, it’s mostly just accurate for the minigames. Could you post your specs?

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Well I did play minigolf and it had a very good framerate. Like 35 plus.
But here they are anyways:
Intel Core i3 2.40 GHz
x64 Processor 64 Bit
Intel HD 4000 Graphics

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Still it doesnt work, even when my minigames run very well, the plaza can’t be too much worse, right?

Using integrated graphics can cause issues, especially since the Lobby is yet to be fully optimised.

So, what do i do?

Wait (though it’s no guarantee that things will work in the future), just play game modes, upgrade your PC or get a new one. That’s pretty much it.
Your current specifications are right at the minimum required.

Other than getting a better computer or waiting until the Plaza is fully optimized, not much.

Okay, thanks.