Tower Unite laser projector tutorial: the series


Great work. This will help those who have trouble with the laser projector.

More is on the way!

The Eldritch Story at 0:50 in the second video is honestly the best thing ever (and educational)

Thanks! I tried to do my best with the monologue.

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If anything gets me into programming it will be messing with these laser bois

Episode 3 should be done by tomorrow!

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These tutorials are really helpful! Thanks for making them.

No problem! I’m hoping for a surge in the videos’ popularity when condo IO is out

Episode 4 coming out in 2 weeks (edit- I was very wrong)

ah, can’t believe you didn’t finish off this series, I finally understood like 75% of what you were saying :smiley:

I think for your later videos, you should take some preexisting code and break it down backwards. Opposed to build it from scratch, this should help understand how inputs/outputs modifiers and such interact with each other.

Great work so far however

Hey just saw this, we actually have started working on episode 4 (finally) and you guessed it, the majority of this would be focusing on breaking down the syntax of code.


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thats awesome, thanks dude. can I also recommend you making a “cheatsheet” image of all the functions and modifiers too so something to refer to after watching your videos? unless you’re aware of one already?

That’s actually a really good idea. I will message Chrnan6710 to see what he thinks.