Tower Unite is going to need chat moderators in the very near future

This really isn’t acceptable anymore. It has been half a year since Global Chat was released. The game was streamed by a German streamer with over a million subscribers, and it was in the latest Humble Monthly. The game has just gotten relatively big, and with 0.7 right around the corner, it’s only going to get bigger.

To give credit where credit is due, the dev team have been pretty good at dealing with reports, and players who break the rules are usually dealt with on the same day.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, the game’s current and incoming growth is going to make 11 people, who mostly live in America, just not good enough for moderating such a large game.

To be constructive, I have some suggestions for potential moderators:

Potential moderators
  • Well-regarded GMT moderators, for example Bikonito, Massaki, etc - they already have history moderating TU’s predecessor
  • Drrabbit - Well-known game veteran with a good sense of judgement.
  • Demoncyborg/Commodore Beeps - Active player with moderation experience.

I won’t rattle off names for too long. I’m sure the devs can find suitable moderators, especially if there was an application page.

I’m sure this has been on the dev’s bucket list for a long time, but the large argument in global chat that happened today, along with how it affected my close friends, tells me it could really use some prioritizing.



of pure and (almost) total chaos in the chat

Just asking, what was that argument about? I wasn’t on to see it.

yeah, not gonna lie. global gets REALLY bad sometimes. an automatic filter, even a basic one for well known slurs would be great.

its not healthy for the game to have a lack of moderation, but a large pool of potential players


it was primarily transphobia mixed in with some chuds chiming in with edgy holocaust denial stuff.



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Just your standard TU chat discussion, or atleast that’s what i see 80% of the time im on.

yeah though, I’d really like to see some sorta filter and player moderation thing happenin, it kinda sucks that a lot of these folks get away with sayin garbage for hours until a dev hops online to ban em. especially considering the influx of people who got it from a bundle and just wanna cause trouble on a game they got essentially for free.


Your best bet for now is to just block them. I do hope that we’ll get more moderators in the future, especially those that can understand multiple languages.

The fact of the matter is that having censors and whatnot in place is not going to deal with the problem, because those undesirables will still be there, I know “just block them” is a solution, but again, those people are still there, earlier today was a prime example of people having zero attachment to the community coming along after getting TU off of Humble Bundle and spurting a bunch of toxic bullshit. We need real people to moderate chat that covers all potential timezones.


Yeah, I agree with all of this. Tower unite is in dire need of moderators other than the dev team.


Are you suggesting moderators who haven’t said they want to moderate? Just wondering

One of the main issues is there is no way to know if a moderator banned someone. When we ban players, and we have around 1200 bans in total (not all active), it just happens. No one else knows but us. It’s something we want to fix.

Also, we do have a filter of bad words that is always on regardless of chat filter settings. This filter targets racial slurs, religious slurs, gender slurs, and certain taboos.

We issued out several bans from reports, as well.


ah i see, i guess that system also works well :upside_down_face:

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i don’t really pay attention to global chat because i have better stuff to worry about so this doesn’t bother me


It’s be nice to also have a sort of system similar to the votekick option that would block a player from using global chat for a certain period of time, potentially increasing after every chat block. Although this would require a much higher consensus, probably 85-90%+ because it’s a more severe punishment.

I would suggest a report system like Rocket League, when you report the user, the last 5-10 text messages to an Admin and they will be able to punish them.

Yeah, the best thing to do at the moment is just not to get offended by edgy jokes.


That’s the best thing to do all the time. Let people make jokes, they are by definition non-serious.

Also I’ve been banned three times for varied reasons so I’m pretty sure the chat already has moderation.

p.s. What was the argument about?

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