Tower unite in vr

having a vr aspect to tower unite would be great if it can be done

VR support was planned somewhere around 2015, but VR got a lot more complex as time went on and the devs don’t have any plans to work on it right now


Yeah, from what I remember, the devs have said that they’d have to completely rebuild large portions of the game with VR in mind for it to work, and it’s just not a priority for them right now.

I think it could be cool for condos and walking around plaza. A lot of the games I’m not really sure how they would work.

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Well, as an alternative, someone could port the lobby to vrchat. That’s gonna be as close as you’re going to get to tower in vr

It would just be nice with virus condos the rides (exct.) I wouldnt mind it coming in the late future it would make the game more immerse typing derby would be tough but just thinking about it would make me hop abit

I don’t know for sure, but I feel like this would be infringing on PixelTail’s copyright?

Probably wouldn’t stop someone from doing it

the only 2 minigames that probably won’t work at all in VR is zombie massacre and ballrace because it would defeat the purpose of how it should play it and would look completely broken.

unless they add a warning that “it’s not compatible” or something.

otherwise, doubtful it will happen for vr, depends on them i suppose.