Tower Unite™ Imagineering

Hi! I’m W1k0, founder of Tower Unite™ Imagineering, a small group of friends dedicated to bringing fresh new experiences to Tower Unite™. As the developers bring new and improved creating tools like offline condo hosting and multiple builders to the game we will strive to create bigger and better projects for the community to enjoy. Here are examples of some of our previous work that has already been visited by a 100+ community members.

Tower Unite™ Adventures

Tower Unite™ Drafthouse Cinema

Thank you to all the people who have already visited our projects. Also leave any ideas for any future projects you would like to see as well as any way we could improve our currently showcased ones your suggestions are always welcome and appreciated!


That’s a really nice cinema.


Sounds like something I’d be interested in. Also nice cinema from what I can see!

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Sounds very interesting! Especially the Back to the Future one!

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What exactly are the adventures?

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They’re simulated real world attractions created within the constraints of the currently available tools.

The adventures thing is actually kind of cool, I toyed around with something similar ages ago but I never really went anywhere further with it.

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“dedicated to bringing fresh new experiences to Tower Unite”

Builds a cinema.

Seriously though, best of luck.

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