Tower Unite gets a mention?

Which one of you cheeky chappies sent this to them? Also is there any info from the devs about this? It’d be interesting to see if this was real or edited.
Here’s the original video:

I was there when this was happening, The footage was fake, it was meant to be some sort of horror mystery type thing one of the devs/admins was planning, there was no sign that telported you, then one of the devs/admins added the sign to that area to mess with people but clicking it did nothing.

I think Massaki was involved with it but not 100% on that.


ah neat, I thought it might have been some sort of teaser for horror hill. That just leaves the mystery of the underground tunnel in Lobby 2 in TU.


The best part is, he has already mentioned Tower so maybe if another easter egg ever comes up he could cover it! TU was featured in Oddheader's video

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I would love for these mysteries to come back to Tower Unite


An Apology in regards to The Streamer is good reading if you’d like to know a bit more about what was supposed to happen.

Unfortunately, the old GMT forums are down, so that’s about as much info as you can get.


Here’s an old unlisted trailer of the event.