Tower Unite Game Night #5: Minigolf Marathon!

Hey everyone! I figured it was time for another Community Event, so on Friday 12th June 2020 I’ll be hosting one game of every single Minigolf map!

It’s as simple as that. Once again, we’ll be using Discord for voice chat - we’ll be in a voice channel in the PixelTail server instead of using in-game voice chat. That way we can easily group up and notify others about when the game is up. If you’re not in the server, I’m afraid you won’t be allowed to join.

See you there!


Let’s hope it goes well this time!
Can’t wait.

I mean I’d like to come but I’m not in the discord server.

Hey…… I did that yesterday… :thinking:

Alright, we’ll be playing some Minigolf on the PixelTail Discord in 15 minutes!

Have fun.
Hope someone is streaming it.