Tower Unite Exhibit WIP
A project long in the making, starting out as a basement room in House condo as early as before branching out into the Art Gallery (where I regretted not setting up in Highrise instead but am too far in to quit now)

I lost all my Gmod Tower screenshots to a harddrive failure several years back, with them most of my memories of GMT. Therefore I set out to capture as much as I can about the development of TU as I can, and, convienently am able to even gather the collection in my own condo which gave birth to this project.

Lets see… haven’t been on the forums for very long not sure how to embed pics unless its automatic. Here goes nothing.

My only wish is I could go back in time to back and donate for the extra goodies that I could put on display, as well as go back and grab that Foohy record collection I was going to buy moments before the subsequent update removed them.

Whole things going under heavy renovations as I get more things I might have to start building extra rooms with DIY walls out of bounds but you can more or less see whats to come.


Hmm… Yes, something is definitely off with your cosmic catsack. hmmm
Jk, lol.

Great work. :+1:

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