Tower Unite empty?

I’ll start up the TU alpha only to find the game completely desolate, with only me online. Why is nobody ever on?

There is just not enough content in it for it to be played regularly, as well as no incentive for doing so.


When you only have 1 Condo with less than 25 different items, only 2 short gameworlds, and 1 Plaza that has barely no shops or activities… give it up, it becomes boring after a couple days (well, at least until the next update comes out :wink:)… (Disclaimer: I’m not trying to say Tower Unite is not fun, nor does it have not enough content, it is just not done yet). (And no, I am not trying to make a point :blush:).

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It needs more games.


Yup, I agree with the above. Although I’m not saying Tower Unite is not fun, it’s just that it’s still too early in development to be fun to play after a certain amount of time playing it. By now, everyone who has the alpha has already experienced all the new content and is bored of it because there is nothing else to do besides screw around in the condo and plaza and play 2 different maps on Ball Race.

Explanation on point.

Just give people a Casino and a illusion Unit counter and they will spend half of their time online.

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Once the Cinema gets put in I’m never leaving it ahaha

Once golf, fishing and actual currency that isn’t infinite gets put in, my real life will be consumed by this. Also hello everyone, this is my first comment ever woo!

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I don’t really wanna sink hours into playing or decorating when I’m getting no money for the future and my condo gets reset. However, once we get into a stage where we have money and we earn stuff, then I will just play this for hours on end.

I think if they will add Minigolf and other game, people might play it more often.

I already have 6 hours on it. When Cinema/Casino or Minigolf are added, Ill start spending a lot more time on.