TOWER UNITE: Customize the color of your name!

Unlike in GMod Tower, where your name color is fully based on your usergroup, let players in Tower Unite choose their entirely own color for their name! This should only be possible in the lobby though, the gameworlds should not show the custom color, as they might use the color of your team instead.

Hmm. Idk, it sounds like it might be a bit messy and confusing.


I think on outline would be better, you get to display your usergroup and have a nice outline ontop of it, or it could be the other way around.


Maybe you can choose from a select set of colors, like Twitch chat.

maybe switch the color of the outline when in a group sounds good but the i dont think changing the color of the name would be cool :confused: it would but i dont think they should because then having different colored names would not be unique
i think maybe the devs should have colored names (maybe gold or something?) like in chat or partys. so then everyone can tell who the devs are when they speak

Or maybe they could be like buyable items? You can buy one from a variety of colors. Or different colors could be unlocked by achievements/milestones… but idk…
If not customized, then we’ll just stick to this usergroup thing.

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No matter what or how, different colors for usernames in the chat is something necessary. It would be so confusing if there weren’t so