Tower Unite condos IN REAL LIFE!

A friend of mine was doing some reasearch into apartments for a project they are working on and they came across this:

Lobby 1 condo

Real life:

Tower Unite:

Lobby 2 condo

Real life (EDIT: I have been informed this is a render):

Tower Unite:


huh… interesting

get out your tinfoil hats guys cuz it’s conspiracy time


imagine the condos actually looking like that


is this sueable?

There’s no way mac decided to use copyrighted content in TU.

I meant the other way around X)

Where can I buy the Lobby 2 Condo IRL?

take my money

I want to buy the lobby 1 suite irl

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The suite also looks like a render. Those lights just don’t look right.

but that’s not how it works

The first image has too much detail on the reflections for it to be a normal render. I would say it’s most likely a real place, but with the photo with a bit of extra exposition (I don’t know the actual name for the photographic term, but basically, with more light being recorded with the picture).

The Lobby 2 condo is definitely a render. Here’s the original source.

As for Lobby 1:

Maybe you’re thinking of HDR? I’m not a photographer or anything but I can agree with you that something looks ‘off’ in the photo.

Yup! This was well known, I posted the original images awhile ago on these forums.

The Lobby 1 suite had like 5 different versions before settling on the one we used. It was inspired by a real-world cabin. The cabin and our suite have various differences, though.

As for Lobby 2’s Condo, it was originally for Phoenix (which was a complete rewrite of GMT, but that was cancelled. It was then recycled for use for Lobby 2.

The only similarity to the concept is that one picture. The rest of the floor plan is entirely unique and created by myself.

This is a normal thing. We often look at pictures online for references and get inspired by the architecture. The floorplans change, though.

Lots of video games do the same thing, which is pretty cool. The entirety of Seattle was recreated for Infamous 2. Half-Life 2 has many buildings and sky lines that are taken straight from Redmond (I’ve seen them).

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the real-world cabin for Lobby 1. I just had that one image and uploaded it for people to see.