Tower Unite Bowling Tournament

I’ve decided to host a Bowling tournament on the 2nd of November (And 3rd of November, if there isn’t enough time) and will be a Double Elimination Bracket. The matches will begin at 1:00PM EDT which should be 6:00 PM GMT. Matches will be done as they come around, and there can be up to 4 match-ups running at the same time, so be sure to be there as much as possible. This will run until 7:00PM EDT (11:00PM GMT) and if there are still match-ups left to play, it will continue tomorrow at the same time.

I do not have any prizes slotted for winners, but I do have the intent on giving Units through poker to winners. 500,000U for first, 250,000U for second, and 100,000U for third. If a considerable number of people sign up for this I’ll make a Challonge community for it and do this every two months. Also, no I am not playing, I’m the host.

Here are the general rules:

  • Do not wear any accessories. These are known to get stuck on the bowling alley and obstruct someone’s view. If this bug gets fixed before this tournament takes place, this rule is voided.
  • No fireworks may be placed at any time.
  • Do not use the kill/morph glitch to skip the bowling animation.
  • Play side-by-side on a pair of lanes, picked randomly by the referee.
  • No media player allowed. If you want music, load up YouTube on your end.
  • Please be kind, respect your opponents.
  • Please no casual bowling during the tournament. If you are not playing, you’re watching.

Here are the game rules:

  • Play three rounds. Total the three scores together, the highest score wins.
  • In the event of a tie, a bowl-over game is played, until there is a winner.
  • The straight-forward slow ball strat is not allowed. Trust me, I know what it is.
  • AFK-ing in your match will not be reimbursed. You can, however, take short breaks between rounds.

Three games of bowling are expected to take about 20 minutes total. Make sure to schedule yourself adeptly.

The bowling event will take place on a relatively empty San-Francisco server, unless a dedicated server can be thrown up to cater for it. In the case of a dedicated server, players should only be allowed to bowl in said server.

I will do my best to livestream the event, and provide commentary and complimentary music, at along with .

We are going to be your referees!

Now that you’ve read all this, here’s the Challonge link to sign yourself up.


reading this
pfft im going to join and do that one strat to get to the finals ez.

oh uhhh, i uhhh, hmmm i dont know what to do now

Just play and do your best, and enjoy yourself!

Sounds awesome! A dedicated server isn’t possible, but I’d love to tag along! I’m not that good at bowling but I’ll give it my best shot if I can make it.

You’re welcome to play, the main thing to do is have fun, I’m pretty chill and lenient and I’m more than happy to see people chat it out.

Don’t forget to sign onto the Challonge!

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I don’t think I have the option to.

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I’ve fixed it, here you go:
The original post has been edited to reflect this.

Sounds fun! I’ll join in. I’m not very great tho lol.


Yeah, I rarely play bowling but I’ll enter to have fun!

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It doesn’t matter, the point is to enjoy yourselves, and I figured everyone could get together to have a little fun as a group.

I have a request. Would anyone be willing to play at 1PM instead of 4PM? (3 Hours earlier) This will help players in further time zones participate.


That would be better for me.

The bowling tournament is in 3 days. Sign-ups are available until noon Nov. 2nd!

The tournament was changed to 1PM EST!

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Huh, I am new here, sooo… When it is going to happen, which server?
I am in.

I’ll do my best to annouce it here, but I will be going live with it along with Alexer; we are both going to be your referees and commentators.

Alexer’s POV:

Registration ends Noon EST (In 7 hours 15 minutes)
Tournament starts 1PM EST (In 8 hours 15 minutes)


The chosen server is Official EU London 3. I’ll be there for a good period of time before the tournament starts.


Oof, welcome poor connection

Ping has no impact on bowling, as the bowling physics are calculated on the server side. I had a good time bowling on Tokyo just the same as San Francisco. The only impact bowling can take is if the server’s software itself lags.

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