Tower Unite Blender Tools Beta (Closed)

The beta is closed, the tools are released. See here for more.

I don’t exactly need support but this is by far the best place to post this:
I made a Blender addon to vastly improve the creation process for Tower Unite workshop items.

Current Features:

  • Streamlined export to COLLADA format with the simplest settings
  • Fixes exporting Normal Maps in Blender 2.8+
  • Automatically applies Location, Rotation and Scale on export, so no more spaghetti monsters in the workshop editor
  • Ability to insert a corrected version of the TU Armature in any file, at the correct scale
  • Generating the TU Armature also has an option to automatically create an Armature modifier for all meshes

Why bother?
Several reasons!

Usually, if you import the Tower Unite Armature into a model file, it’s too small and unless you scale it up perfectly you will encounter major issues with your model once imported. With this addon, you can just add the Armature to any file you have open without any such issue!

Blender lost the ability to export Normal Maps with version 2.8, this addon restores that functionality.
Those of you who use 2.79 do not have this issue, so why should you move to 2.8+?

  • Blender 2.8 does not require you to merge/join all meshes into one before exporting to COLLADA.
  • I will not be supporting earlier versions, so you will not get this addon’s other features nor any future additions.
  • More standard Blender features, maybe you’ll find them useful? idk
  • The latest version of Blender is now available to download and auto-update via Steam. Convenient.

It’s not that much of a difference, and I would suggest you stick with what you’re comfortable with, but give it a thought! You might even find it easier to use. :grinning:

The addon is finished and ready for release as far as I’m concerned, but I don’t want to release a buggy version to the community right away. If you’re interested in helping me test please message me- the best place to reach me is via Discord: Spoom#0001
While I made the addon as simple and easy-to-use as possible, I’m open to suggestions for improvement and further features.


This is awesome!

I would love to help Test this!

I would also love to help test!

I knew the Armature was slightly incorrect, my models always had broken elbows or fingers. The base process isn’t too difficult (but hella tedious), but this should really help speed up and improve model ports!

Awesome work! So cool to see someone in the community providing a self-made tool tailored to Tower that promotes user creations.

When the bugfixes make the bugs worse:


For anyone watching this topic, the tools are now released here.

Also note that the beta is now closed, although testing may continue in future with new features.

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