Tower Unite Ball Race Speedrun site

Yo, I plan to start a community based on ball racing and try bring players old and new to compete with one another to complete ball race worlds in the fastest time possible. Ball Race arguably is one of the best modes in the “Tower” series and with an in-game timer it’s easy to fall into the urge of racing with one another.
I decided to create a website based on this interest with a leaderboard for every world where players can compete with one another. Different events will start to appear as time goes by, allowing new and old players to participate for various rewards, these events will be held in a different leaderboard then the speedrun records and will be erased at the end of the event. A link to the website can be found here >


woaaaah!, so is about laps of tracks for example galaxy track 7?
if so that’s gonna be amazing!!! !!

The website itself is still in development. I’m hoping to include other gamemodes depending on how popular it becomes. some of these are: single segment runs, which is how fast someone can complete a single level in, No buttons completing a world without the use of buttons (of course some maps won’t have this mode), 100%, which involves picking up every single melon in the level.

@miu you’re up

sounds like fun. :slight_smile:

what sort of events have you thought of so far?

we already have somewhat active leaderboards here if u want to integrate it somehow.

Can easily be done, just need to rework the table for more info.

First of all, why not use the already established There’s a Ballrace category there as well.

Also, this isn’t shady and potentially breaking any rules at all:

Hi please stop putting the guy down for making a site for people to have a Ball Race competition on, as it’s clearly a competition (not a leaderboard, like the speedrun site)

Also which rule is he breaking? I’ve read through the EULA and there is nothing stated about the transfer of one person’s units to another through the use of the casino.

Also if you read the thread’s replies the guy is already well aware there’s a speedrunning site for Ball Race already

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Sorry for the late reply timezones and stuff, I am well aware of the website during the creation I was well aware of it. I saw more or less as an outsourced website and one that never received any traffic towards it essentially making the website itself dead. If you already have the number 1 spot you feel little to any need to determine yourself to get a better record.

This website is also a test as well, if there is little to no activity I will refrain from hosting as the community has spoken and do not find it interesting. Also just because one of something exists it does not mean that it will be the final and complete edition, people take things and try to make it better , its called innovation.

I admire your sceptism with your thoughts of ot being shady. I can agree its an odd unit transfer method and if it turns out to be a scam somehow let me put it in prospective. For this instance lets say im giving 50k units to the winner and instead rob them of their units at the high stakes poker, that would mean I spent real money for hosting and brought a domain for a win at a high stakes poker game and have my reputation in this small community tarnished.

Thank you for the response thou :slight_smile:

it does have a leaderboard section, though. I have nothing againts the competitions themselves (minus the way the prizes are handed out-more on that bellow).

While OP’s not breaking any official rules as far as I know, trading units’ not supposed to be a thing. If players were supposed to trade units, an actual trading system would be implemented. I’m sorry if I’m sounding controlly, but to me personally, this feels like abusing poker to undermine the game’s design. However, this is definitely something for the devs to decide, not me.

Wait, what…? How does your website change that…? And why is it a bad thing…?

I’m not an expert on speedrunning, but seems to be the first website that pops-up when you google “speedrunning” or “speedrunning leaderboards”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it still seems relevant.

An entirely new site dedicated to speedrunning one single game (that itself doesn’t receive much traction) won’t be any more popular.

I agree with this, of course. But let’s be honest here, the already established speedrunning websites are better than your website in almost all ways.

I’m sorry if I’m sounding like a jerk. I have nothing againts you or the website itself, but in my eyes, it doesn’t have much of a reason to exist (minus the competitions. As I’ve said, I think those are a neat idea).

Then again, it might cause a Tower Unite speedruning scene to miraculously appear (there isn’t much of one currently). I hope both the scene and your website grow and improve, and I’ll be cheering for both, but I’m more than skeptical.

Which was at the request of @miu
Plus I imagine those are to show the current entries in the competition and would possibly be wiped when a competition ends.

It’s a competition to win units, rather than which is just bragging rights. Because if you have number 1 on you have number one and the only way you’re going to push yourself to really get better than your current record, Is for someone to beat you, or to give you some sort of motivation to do it.

Just because you google something and see it first doesn’t make it relevant, If you actually LOOKED at the tower unite page for it, you’d very clearly see there’s about 5 people using it, which to me seems pretty dead when it comes to how big the Tower Unite community is.

Except it’d be more popular in OUR community rather than this site that again, About 5-6 people use.

I’d also like to say you’re arguing about it not being dead but then go to say this about the tower unite speed run community here [quote=“vtipoman, post:10, topic:26567”]
there isn’t much of one currently)

That’s not said anywhere on the website. I might be wrong, but from my understanding, the competitions exist on top of the scoreboard.

Again, I’m not an expert when it comes to speedrunning, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how speedrunners think. It’s not about the position, but improving your own time. If it was about getting the top places, no-one but the elite would speedrun.

The usage the category sees is proportional to the size of the TU speedrunning community. If there were more TU speedrunners, the category would see more usage. Creating an entirely new website (which, again, is worse in most aspects) won’t change that.

I don’t see why this new website should become more popular, really. Even if speedrunners went for a new dedicated website over a trusted, long-running, multiple-game one, the one OP made doesn’t exactly compete when it comes to looks and/or functionality.