Tower Unite Background (With .xcf Files)

After messing around a bit for 30 minutes I made a basic one in Gimp the after another 30 minutes I added a few new things to it and I was done. I have 5 xcf template files.
To edit the xcf file you need gimp. Or you could just import it in photoshop but ehhhh.
In gimp I recomend using the “Hue Saturation” effect on the FocusPoint and Visible layers. “Colorize” works just as good, but it may remove some deph to the image.

Another thing you could do to change how the picture looks is changing any layer above background to another opacity mode. Such as Difference and Screen.
The Size of these files is enormous because I am crazy and wanted to make my picture able to fit the logo of TU. Turns out TU’s logo is UHD.

I want to see what you do with this.
To make it into a png click Export not Save.
And yes I do own everthing I made in this image but the tower unite logo.
(Also I did indeed read the TOS and may I just say… That list was boring.)

Download :

I also have a few pictures that you may want to use as the background of the .xcf’s.
((you will need to scale these up about 250% or so) and yes I made everything in these pictures)

Download :


Shoot I clicked submit by accident. I wasnt done.

You can edit posts, if you didn’t know. Click the Pencil.

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Thanks for telling me. Well Its fixed now.

Sorry that I couldn’t look at them earlier, but those are really nice backgrounds.
I would definitely recommend others to use these.