Tower Unite Alpha: Custom Steam Grid Image

Title says all.

Download (Right click, Save image as…)


Beautifully done!

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Thx. :3

Fun Fact: The blue in Alpha is the same colour as Foursquare. (#0072b1)

Thanks! It’s beautiful

Nice! That’s one sexy grid image :smiley:

tutorial for making this image on the grid?

EDIT: i did it by myself, now my guinea pig is dead thanks you! :frowning:

I hadn’t checked the forums as I was playing Slots on Tower (Still am). Plus I don’t get any notifications on my phone ;______;

Sowweeeyyy and you Guinea Pig!

It’s a joke sure! :wink:

i got inspired and made a basic wallpaper for tower

background now! ty! :slight_smile:

This is the picture I had used for the Grid Image:

I took it from here: