Tower Unite Alpha access

I was wondering whether it would still be possible to get into the alpha for tower unite. I completely missed the campaign and would love to play the alpha. If not, then shucks, I would totally pay to get in if it were possible but if not then that’s fine :slight_smile: weeps softly in the corner

Alpha access was and always will be a backer only reward, sorry pal. :scream_cat:

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Damn nammit!

Early Access starts in March iirc. It won’t be long!

I think March is the supposed release date.
@macdguy’s FAQ thread suggests so, saying GMTower will discontinue in March 2016, when Tower Unite releases.

The March 2016 date has been thrown around, but so has Mid 2016. I’d personally be looking forward more to the Mid 2016 date, as that’s what I hear more often.

We got a few months yet, but I’d definitely prefer they iron things out as opposed to releasing on a deadline.