Tower of Heaven - A Condo Jump Adventure

This is a Jump adventure condo is based on a flash game of the same name.

The goal in Tower of Heaven is to jump and platform your way through each floor, climbing to the top of the tower.

It is not a 1:1 recreation as most features and layout from the flash game is currently hard to implement in TU.

The Tower of Heaven condo might be public from time to time to test things and for feedback. You will be able to play the currently completed levels, but the rest of the tower won’t be accessible.

Short Trailer

Features in the final build.

  • 10+ levels of platforming.
    (currently 5 levels completed and ready for test runs)

  • Multiple secrets to discover

  • Various NPCS to talk from both TU and Tower of Heaven.

  • A In-game timer that tracks each player’s time independently.
    (Need to test but should work)

  • Hardcore mode.
    (1 mistake and back to level 1!)

  • Public Races
    (Everyone starts together and races to the top)

  • Community Created levels
    (Giving other players build permission to create a level in a locked area)



The art direction is gorgeous, genuinely really impressed with how amazing this looks!

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YOOOOO fuck yea bro

Holy smokes!

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This is so cool!!

Yep. This is the sort of thing this game is meant to be for. :slight_smile:
Nice work.

Very nice!