Tower Löve - A long since canceled project

Why do I have this problem? Tackling ambitious projects without any planning, the skill to do it, or the time to do it. It’s really just one of my many flaws. If you haven’t gotten the hint already, this project is cancelled and never went far into development anyway. I would have given up the graphical assets for anyone to use, but the drive the “project” was stored on has long since been killed. I sincerely apologize for wasting even the most minute amount of time from all of your lives.

[spoiler][quote=“Ekoserin, post:1, topic:1727, full:true”]

An actual dating simulator based around Tower Unite, made in LÖVE 2D, called “Tower Löve.” Yes, this is *for real, unlike cough cough. I even have permission from the developers of Tower Unite!

But, before any real development can begin, we need to decide on some key gameplay components. So, I’m hosting a couple polls.

For one: What characters should be datable in this game? The developers, consenting actual players, or made-up characters?

Two: How should the player meet the characters? Bumping into them by chance, just meeting them, or some other way?

Thirdly: How long should the game be? A couple minutes? Hours? Days? Longer?

I will also need some artists, and possibly voice actors. I can make do without either, but I’d really prefer some. If any are willing to volunteer, I would be ever so graceful. I’m currently illustrating the UI myself, and using royalty-free music by Kevin MacLeod.

To Do:

  • Event handling
  • Conversation system
  • Save data system


Not released yet. Sorry!


There are very few, because the game is so early in development.
Main Menu



Not falling for this again.

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Well, it’s not released yet, so you’ll have to see.

If I can’t date Rob in this game, I will immediately give it a 0/10


Why! :cry:

I was disappointed Love like a Tower was not real, and I have absolutely nothing better to do.

I’ll ask him about it.

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you should put the condo lady because there’s already the “best pickup line” achievement


Your wish is my command.

[size=8]not really, but[/size]


Dear god

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What’s the problem?

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Literally all the music in my game. He’s ok, so long as you have a thing for pigeons.

I’m glad you’re making an attempt at this and actually making it from the ground up in a 2D engine, I just booted up ren’py and made my little adventure in like a couple of hours.

I look forward to what you produce and wish you the best!

Thank you so much!

Honestly, I feel MacLeod’s songs are WAY overused on the internet nowadays, so here are some other sites in which you can grab free music for your game (check the license before downloading!):

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this needs to be real
i need to be in it, 100% chance of meeting me, i give dating tips. 10/10

Thanks, but… you weren’t so keen about this project talking in the other thread.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of unironic dating sims, but hey, creators gotta help each other, dude. :smiley:

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Well, thanks; I do appreciate it.
In fact, I’ll put you in the credits.

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I hope this is for real. That last sim was so disappointing :unamused:

ummm so is this going to be an arcade game for tower or something? im confused :confused: can everyone be pigeons? XD

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Well, @Ekoserin may want to make it one, but for now, it’s a planned standalone game.