Tower has a police department



’insert funny and original joke everyone laughs at’

Oh no


It’s the thought po-


They got a guy called casino manager to escourt someone off a wom machine then when that guy ran they were in a highspeed chase after him

Yeah, and they baited me to get off my slot by forcing me to press X while the “are you still there” message came up, not only that, when i got back on the next day, they harassed me saying that i never gave anyone a chance, and called me all manners of things.

Wow. What a bunch of dicks.

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Just an average day in TU, now move along citizen, the TUPD totally isn’t responsible for this at all.

Also spongey

Im pretty sure them harrasing you and or other players is against the rules, so you would be free to report them.

@macdguy Could you confirm this?

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How does someone get forced into doing that? did they threaten to beat you up?

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Im guessing they tried to distract him constantly until the notification popped up, there has been a few post that talks about this:

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Yeah. They basically distracted me long enough to not realize what was happening, to get me kicked off my slot. The damn message is unforgiving and gives you literally NO time to react. Needless to say, i basically disable voice chat the minute i get on a slot now. So many mean people, and such an unfair bug.

#This needs to be fixed.

I don’t even really bother reporting stuff anymore. It’s not like it’s going to stop users from doing these shenanigans. I genuinely feel like the real problem is users feel there are no rules, because they aren’t posted around Lobbies, and the only real mention of it is on a TOS Agreement, which basically everyone skips and presses “I Agree” like a damn iTunes agreement.

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Yeah, this is exactly the problem. Gmod Tower was far less toxic because there was a giant sign in the transit station with the rules clearly stated on it. That sign desperately needs to return.

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To be quite honest it seemed that GMT was alot more toxic even with the publically displayed rules, when it came to stuff like harrasing people, it seems that they would mostly do it in voice or some sort of “closed” chat like in game modes since there was no way to prove it unless the person recorded the person harrasing them.
One of my favorites was when a guy decided to harrass some dude in voice chat because the person had won the casino jackpot, and then proceeded to call everyone near him stuff like “dirty mexican” and “beaner”.

Anyway the rules are still the same from what i can find, atleast in regards to using scripts and scripting software ingame, but i gotta agree, a giant sign in spawn saying what the rules are would atleast slow us down in the race to reach the lowest common denominator.

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Ah. I always had voice chat muted, so I guess that’s why I hadn’t noticed

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