Tower Enthusiast, CuddyTurn!

Hello world!
I am a user who has been on (GMod) Tower for quite some time. I have heard about this Game-Mode from a group of users known as the Asdf’s. These people have had their fun times in tower, so I thought that I would try it out. Not saying it was THE best thing in my life, but it is pretty up there.
I have been hoping for Tower Unite’s success for a while now. I have attempted to tell some Youtubers about it, though, people comment faster than I, so I have been unsuccessful. However, I still think that Tower is something to be enjoyed. I enjoy talking about improvement in almost anything. I do like a good conversation whenever I can get one, and I love it when people relate to me on a similar topic!

I hope we can have some fun times together!


Welcome to the forums, @CuddyTurn

Welcome, CuddyTurn!

Welcome home, son.

I like the phrase ‘Tower enthusiast’ and I’m going to steal it for my architecture folio later this year.

Welcome to your new family <3