Tower Down-date

Christmas is right around the corner.
And Tower Unite has received the last big update of this year.
So it’s time to stop hopping forward for a while and look at the leaps we’ve already done.

Time to share this year’s TU experience. It’s been a wonderful year for TU. (sadly same can’t be said about Earth)
Here are the categories in which you can share your experience:

The Best Of Chat
Normal chat and Voice chat are a big part of TU. Show us the dumbest/funnniest/offensive sh*t all TU player have said.
Well…The best of it!

The Best Update
What update do you think bringed the most to TU?

The Best Fan-Creation
Oh, the fans of TU… You people have bringed so many things to the feast that is the forum.
Mainly the Showcase category. So show us the you’ve made. (If the creation isn’t yours, credit the maker)

Other overall experience
What else have we not mentioned?
A lot of it! but we’ll put it in this Misc category.

It’s been a truly amazing year. And i want to see how amazing it was for you!

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The best fan creation is the female catwalk Drawing someone made, idk Who but it was amazing!


I’l go with SpongePierre’s handcrafted catsack for “Best Fan-Creation” category :


Ahh thank you for mentioning it X3

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