Tournament-Style (elimination) poker?

I’m not really a fan of the current style of Texas Holdem where you can only play one round at a time. I’d much rather have a tournament-style poker where you have to buy in and you’ll receive a set number of chips that you can bet with.


I feel like this would be great if it was for the High Roller rooms only, seems fitting, in my opinion.


This so very much, pwetty peas!

Yeah I feel that this would work if it were optional, and maybe only for the High Rollers Room. So then we could effectively hold a Tower Unite World Series of Poker Tournament.

I would be so down for Poker tournament events or just sit-and-go style impromptu tourneys where the game lasts a while.

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I think we might see this mode after the non-official servers get the payout system. It would be really cool.