Totally Normal Neighborhood

Figured I’d get this up here while I had the chance.
I joined Tower Unite in 2017, 2018 give or take. The version was, I started from the very beginning wanting a place to call home away from the plaza. A place for it all to come together.
When I started this, I didn’t have much money in-game but I did have a tooooooon of items obtained from the halloween event one year, and I began to build with the items I had and buy what I needed to compliment those. That philosophy didn’t last long as I quickly grew a fortune with nothing much to spend it on but that house (pre-Arcade update).
Each time an update came around new stuff and features came in, and with those features I created additions and editions and revisions to this house. At the time of posting it is now 2023 and this is the current state of my house.

I accidentally overwrote my steam submission description with my update today and it didn’t actually update the file yet, but I’ll try to remember how this bullet list went…

• 2500+ items
• Minimal workshop content (about 20 or so items)
• Billiards table
• Random giant artifacts in the distance for no reason
• A security lockdown system (keypad will be replaced with a single button eventually)
• A bomb shelter
• A shelter from the bomb shelter within the bomb shelter
• Hundreds of hidden hula dolls
• A talking dragon friendo, the estranged half-brother to Cornelius: Kornelius
• A modestly pre-stocked entertainment station
• A totally-not-drug alchemy lab
• Detailed nooks and crannies
• A non-linear ARG
• A screenshot memory gallery up until about 2019
• Tons of easter eggs
• A stocked fridge
• A campsite that may or may not be in the same woods that were being investigated for reports of demonic summoning
Hidden teleporters
• An overly convoluted vault door

• A stocked physical-media music shelf (the ones that still work anyway, some vids cracked down on embeds because they can’t play ads)
• One of almost every known plushie in the game
• The product of many years of sporadic boredom

The new Steam bloatware UI is making it complicated to get many screens up so I’ll just do a few for right now.