Tornado Machine Bugs

I’ve played this machine a fair amount on the grind for the Zeeky H. Bomb and I’ve noticed a couple things.
I don’t know if it was removed, but there’s a spot to the right of the machines where a prompt for a scoreboard appears where there is none:

(sorry for the wierd pov, I was using a tiny potion at the time)

Another thing I saw a lot that actually matters gameplay-wise is that sometimes, the ball clips through the sides of the rings when going quickly, or when it starts swinging back and forth a little before going in the chute - this has happened to me a few times when I’m about to get the 100 and it drops through to the 90, or from the 60 to the 80. I couldn’t get this happening on video, unfortunately.

Also, the ball physics seem inconsistent based on where I hit in the blue area, but that’s more of a nitpick on the physics.

Sorry if this has already been reported, but I thought it notable enough to make an account and post here. The rest of this update has been sick. Thanks!

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This is now resolved in the next hot fix.

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