Top 100 list blockles


Top 100 high scores for blockles :slight_smile:


Uh… Thanks I guess?




As interesting as it is, anyone could have checked this on the site anyways.


Why not?
Blockles isn’t coming back.


Wait what? Really?

I always tried to at least get into that list but at higher speeds it was always ruined by a random lagspike. I was hoping this would be fixed in the TU version and was really looking forward to it…


In the stream before 6/24/16 they answered a stream question about blockles.


Somebody could make Blockles on an arcade machine whenever those are added.


I remember watching Jimp get that 26k score. Good god that was a long game. Mad props to everyone that got in the top 25. :bow: The input lag (from the server lag) made this SOO hard for some people. I myself could hardly even play with 200 ping.


Hey i’m 57th lol