TonicThunder (I promise it's not Tropic Thunder)

What’s up? I’ve recently purchased Tower Unite after watching the development for a few years now. I’m a veteran GMT Player who stopped a little after the Gmod Toybox update. I eventually moved on to other games and career development. After college, I rediscovered my gaming hobby and needed my GMT fix. When I realized GMT was closed, I saw the breath of fresh air provided by TU.

I’m a video / music producer with a strong focus in Visual effects, Animation, and 3D Development. Music is a strong hobby of mine that I’d love to take professionally some day. I consider myself very career oriented, and games like TU are perfect for cool-off / chill periods in my day.

I’m glad to meet you all and return to a community I think fondly of.


Greetings Tonic

and welcome back to the community!



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Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!

ahoy there Tonic, welcome to the community, please enjoy your stay.

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