Toggle the ability to allow players to eat edibles in your Condo



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[ul][li]Card was renamed from “You can now toggle the ability to allow players to eat edibles in your Condo” to “Toggle the ability to allow players to eat edibles in your Condo”.[/li][/ul]


Hooray, more toggles!


Yay, now I can force my guests to starve to death in my condo :grinning:


Now i can finally make my giant alcohol pyramids without the risk of some idiot drinking them all for fun.

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This would’ve been fairly useful in GMT, when you wanted to have beer kegs without anyone drinking them, too bad the probability was 1 in 2 of some asshole coming in and drinking them all just for le lulzes xdddd
Donators were even worse because they had to drink 500 liters before they died, until that was changed to be the same as for non-donors.

That’s good, that way I can get tired of replacing Pizza after Pizza.

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you could just use the glitch where putting the pizza back in your inventory when its almost (any point between used once and almost completely used= used will completely refill it, no joke.

Reminds me of the time where i had some 7 barrels out in the yard and alot of other consumeables in my closet to give the thing some sort of use.
Then suddenly some guy runs in and drinks it, uses all the consumeables in my closet and then begin shouting obscene language and profanity at me constantly.
There went a unknown amount of gmc right out of the window.

One beer keg costed 250 GMC if I recall correctly, so that was around 1750 GMC wasted.

That and including the painkillers i had in my closet.

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