Toast is your best friend!

Hey guy’s feel free to add me i am for ever alone i wan’t some friends that i will play with and have fun :cry:

(btw don’t be afraid of my VAC ban i got it for playing with net packets on a game called loadout)

Do it
Just do it

Don’t let your friendlist be empty
Yesterday you said tomorrow
So just do it
Make your friendlist come full
Just do it

Don’t worry.
I randomly got a friend request from you a while ago.
No need to be alone now! :sunglasses:

i gatchu fam

I said it on another thread and I’ll say it here – I’m perfectly happy to be friends with people on here, as long as they can chat or do something once in a while. If you think that’s something you can manage, by all means, drop me an add. :smile_cat: