To Be Able To Buy Minigame Maps As Condos

It would be cool if at a certain milestone like Virus or Zombie Massacre you can be able to purchase from Jeff the condos related to that map, like a condo of the Virus Hospital or Trainyard from Zombie Massacre

We had a few of these maps in progress at one point, but to add surface editing support would be an absolute nightmare. If people were okay with going without surface editing, then we could possibly bring these out.


I think that is perfectly fine if it had no surface editing. Its just the minigame map, but if people wanna know if it has surface editing or not then you could possibly put a tag on it that it cannot be surface edited. I really would like it that you could have a condo that is from a minigame!


No surface editing for now, but possibly some surface editing in the future would be great
Would love to see any game world maps imported as condos


I wouldn’t really care about this for condos, but if there were a way to play on altered gameworld maps ala Halo Forge, I would be huge for that.

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As in custom maps or mutators?

heh I actually thought about some cooler idea once as in having maps from gamemodes like minigolf as “location” for your condos, meaning everything but the building would change to the chosen map, in which a spot for a condo building would be cleaned from trees/etc
could make a suggestion if anyone thinks it’s worth of it

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It be kind of cool to have the forest map from Ball Race as a condo but not with the platforms but just right down on the forest ground, it be nice and possibly easy to make surface-able

A lot of people like the idea, would it be possible if these were brought in future updates? I really think people wouldn’t mind it that they don’t have surface editing or if there was possibly a way that a tag can be on the condo maps that tell you cannot surface edit on them?

Kind of a late reply but if this happens I would love to see all of the minigolf maps with the golf courses taken out as condos (especially Treasure Cove). They all seem like they’d be a ton of fun to just build stuff in


Your not late to reply Spoon, I mean right now were just showing to Mac that we would love to see these happen, I mean having them as condos, even without surface editing (which I don’t think is a problem because there suppose to show how the course looks like), I would love to see Virus, Zombie Massacre, Ball race and even Accelerate maps!


This quite still stands now with the Midori remastered looking really amazing! I really wouldn’t mind having that as a condo!