To All Indiegogo Backers of Tower Unite: Are you going to use your real name or username in the credits/brick of TU?

I thought it would be a good idea to get more people’s opinion on this. Personally, I was thinking about using my real name for credits and username for the brick, but I’d still like your guys’ opinions on which is the better choice for TU? Thanks in advance!

Real Name.

Put my username and real name in parenthesis.

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I dunno, I’m generally pretty paranoid when it comes to my identity and stuff but at the same time it feels more logical seeing as how I probably won’t be going by “Suburban” for the majority of my life.

I’m circumventing that by putting my first name and last initial

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No, I don’t like my real name.

I’m going to use my pseudonym with “Drachen” in the middle.

I’m going with my real name. That’s just me, though; I can understand being uncomfortable having your personal information floating around.

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I’m using a modified version of my real name so I can still feel like I contributed something to society, yet maintain my anonymity.

I don’t like people knowing a lot about me.

Real first name and last initial.

I’m going with my online persona name “Sapphire Eclipse”. It’s something I and my friends recognise, and I’m happy with that.

Ive put my real name with my online name in brackets. Mainly because I don’t mind if people know my name. Thats the whole point of the reward anyway? But I understand people who don’t want that information out there or w/e

Toby Hayden (Zeeno)

Usually to mix nick names and real names you would put

First “Nickname” Last

This is the format for movie credits.

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My real name and my nickname in inverted commas between both names, exactly as @Michael did. It feels the most logical since it’s the same format used in movies, video games and such

After some thought, I decided to go with my real name, with Sapphire Eclipse in the middle in quotations.

Sammy “Sapphire Eclipse” Furness

My last name is literally ‘furness’ wtf.


[quote=“serjunpe, post:13, topic:2940, full:true”]
inverted commas[/quote]

Well, that’s a new one. Never heard of parentheses being called that before. lol

Actually, they’re quotations xP

Same as Michael did. I personally have no problems in using my real name online. :yum:

Jorge “Polite Whale” Carvalho

…I’m stupid. -_- lol

I’m probs gonna use my real name with a secondary alias in quotations. like Billy “The Kid”

After some more consideration myself (and partly from @Sapphire doing it herself), I figured I’d go along the same path and use the First-name(s) “Username” Last-name structure. So there you have it.

Peter/Phoebe “Maybe” Kratunis

It is disturbingly easy to find me on the internet with a last name like that :sweat:

I mean, if you really wanted to I wouldn’t mind if people found and added me to their FB friend list, assuming you messaged me first… I doubt any of you would do that though… would you? :fearful: