Time to cool down

I’m almost done with the build itself as well fitting some stuff to it. I think I may start to decorate my condo now as that is something I have been pushed back so much so it looks very empty when you join my condo.

The look from the ship.

The inside so far.

Close up on the outside.


This is loking really nice

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is ur condo open?
like right now?

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On my way!

God damn it
And I tought my condo was good

Woah, I have to come visit your Condo sometime. Can I add your steam?

This is ridiculous, you are a freaking genius with this stuff.

I think I’m done with the cocktail bar now.

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Wow, you are amazing. :joy_cat: I’ve seen plenty of builders before, but wow. A++++++ I want to check out your place so bad right now. :heart_eyes_cat:

I love your condo because you used items and canvases in many creative ways to make something very unique.
I admire your condo. :sunglasses:

Cool stuff.

Since my Condo is fully furnished at this point, I can start saving for creations like these too.