TIL Spotify has a My Library cap

Apparantly It’s a “1% group of people”, and I’m in it. You hit 9,999 songs and get hit with this message. Yeah, I’m sure I’ve saved several albums I’m not going to frequent, but considering i’m not downloading the music (merely bookmarking things), I find this limit really unnecessary and annoying. Now I have to go through and axe stuff to make room for new discoveries… :rage:



Yeah so I can have different music spread across multiple accounts and not know what’s on what and have to keep logging out and back in. Sounds like fun

You got it, great


I thought my library was huge at 3,586 songs/339 hours.


And i dont even save every album by an artist, “just because”. I only save albums I actually know and enjoy.

Might be worth splitting it into several playlists? Maybe genre-specific or another sorting method to help you find tracks later. Spotify’s shuffle is a joke anyway so having lots in one playlist doesn’t do much for music listening variety.

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well mr entitled most people dont even know 9999 songs so it might just be your only realistic solution

“mr entitled”…?