Tighter steering control

To me, the steering feels super loose. I could just be spoiled with how MarioKart handles it, but it really does feel like I’m constantly fighting for control. Also is made slightly worse when playing on a host with a higher ping.

I am resolving network related steering issues. It’s happening because it’s trying to correct your network position.


Explains why I dont have as many issues when I’m playing as host then.

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I can confirm, the game feels very laggy/floaty control, Im also hosting. Stuff just feels too out of control when drifting, when you drift boost on certain parts of the map you feel like you get launched into the wall.

Losing control with speed makes sense in a simulation racing game, but it doesn’t fit that well in a kart racer.

I would also like to say, jumping with the drift button doesn’t mesh well with the way its implemented. If you drift going down hill, you get more air time causing you to lose control of the kart. This doesn’t feel good when it happens

bug that’s being fixed

I think I know what you’re saying and if I do it’s also a bug that’s being fixed

EDIT: Check this out: https://trello.com/c/2c3EoSXq/504-update-01001

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Slightly unrelated, being teleported about because either a higher ping or bad host connection also tends to throw my steering off quite a bit. Worse case, I’ve been sent back a good part of the way on several occasions, usually slamming into the wall because the server decides to correct my position

That bug is related to the boost/drift desync issue that’s resolved in the hot fix. I’ve tweaked a few networking settings to help with network corrections.

Don’t feel like I’m seeing a bug here. It seems the carts simply have very loose controls. Its still slippery as host.

As it is right now, I always feel like I’m playing a level where the road is ice or its raining.

I’ve played tons of kart racers. Big name ones like Mario, Sonic, Crash. Plenty of other indie ones and smaller team ones. The thing all of them do differently than Accelerate is they have tight and very responsive controls.

Would really like to see the controls tightened up and made to feel less slippery. Would easily become my favorite minigame if that happened.