Ticket Bucket, Bag, or Backpack (equippable?)

Ticket Bucket
Many of us who have been to arcade have seen or used a bucket to keep our tickets in (Pic #1 below). So why not have one in game?
Pros: More recognizable, smaller than a bag
Potential cons: May tend to be held higher in hand and obstruct view like other hand holdable items

Ticket Bag
With winning thousands of tickets for a longer stay in the Arcade, a small bucket might not be enough, so how about a bag? (Pic #2 below)
Pros: Fits more tickets, less likely to block player’s first person view since bag hangs down from hand
Potential cons: Not as visible from first person view, risks obstructing some of other player’s view on 2 player games.

Ticket Backpack
Grinding like Tony Hawk to buy a rideable scooter or something pricey? Get a ticket bag! (Think Shamrock Backpack, but replace shamrock with tickets and reskin outside)
Pros: Bigger than handheld bucket or bag, does not block player’s view
Potential cons: Not visible from player’s first person view, risks obstructing some of other player’s view on 2 player games.

Most to least wanted item capability:

  1. Equippable - Gradually with tickets based on number of tickets in hand
  2. Equippable - Appears full of tickets if player has any tickets in hand, otherwise its empty
  3. Equippable - Has a static amount of tickets
  4. Non-equippable item or trophy, filled with fake tickets to show off at condo.

Look/skin of item
Regardless of its form, the item’s texture could just be a fitted version of the arcade logo or something like that - I’m not recommending anything terribly fancy.


  • Arcade milestones are already picked by devs (in via placeholders, so I figure there isnt room for a new one (and its megathread hasnt been active in many months).
  • Unless the Bucket/Bag/Backpack is a milestone, then the bucket will have to be a purchaseable item.
  • If only arcade related items can be acquired from the arcade, then players will have to pay tickets to buy the Bucket/Bag/Backpack as a prize.

i would rather love to see this one, i mean, which is more organised.

That’s interesting. Tickets won out of arcade machines don’t tend to come out or get carried around like this, at least in the US arcades I’ve seen. They get carried around just like in the pictures I showed.

My goal with my suggestion was to visually depict carrying tickets in a semi-realistic manner. A neat perfectly rectangular ticket strip doesn’t seem consistent with even the existing tickets within TU.

I wouldn’t mind the idea explored as a cosmetic accessory, backsacks like the shamrock and rose but one for units, one for tickets.

With all the wearable wealth in the game, gem hats, bling necklaces, money particles, golden/diamond swim tubes, it wouldn’t be out of place…

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