Third Party Video Support and/or webpage control on Media Player

I’ve had a lot of struggles trying to cheat the media player system and play weebstuff through kissanime, dailymotion and other video sites but I get teased by the media player as it dangles the video a quarter of the screen size or stuck on the webpage.

I think it would be nice to have host controls, something like rabbitcast where you can browse the internet, and even exchange control so we can finally watch that one episode of cowboy bebop as a group.

Another thought would be letting the host decide the time cap on youtube videos. e.g letting the player play videos longer than 20 minutes

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I’d like more flexibility when it comes to watching stuff in the game too. I host movies from time to time in my movie theater but with only youtube I don’t have a whole lot of options.

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You can play videos longer than 20 mins in your condo. I’ve queued up several free full length movies from YouTube just fine.