Third/First Person Poker Tables?

I know this is only the first release for the casino, but are there any later plans to add a first/third person view when playing cards? The dev steam only showed a simulated overhead view.

I believe the cards in poker are done in the UI, not in actual 3d space, so a first/third-third person view would not be possible.

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would be nicer if it was done in 3D space. The server wouldn’t need to calculate its physics either.

For me… anything that feels “detached” takes away from the heart of the game… The way the cards worked in GMT seemed a perfect balance. You could spin around and see people around you, but the cards were still front and center. Of course this is pre-release and I’m speaking of long term suggestions.

IIRC, Mac said the original plan was to have 3d cards, but it was a nightmare to deal with. Why it was, I don’t know, but it probably won’t be coming for a while, if not at all.

I don’t care much about cards being rendered in 3D, but it would be nice to have some dramatic camera angles when you’re sitting at the table, especially once character customization/workshop supports starts getting implemented.

The pot is 150,000 Units. The game has been going for four hours. Sergeant_Whatsisface has a two of clubs in their hand. It’s their highest card. They know they’re done for, but does anyone else? The camera zooms in on their brow. Sweat droplets form. They raise by 10,000. The crowd that has formed gasps. They’re bluffing, but the others don’t know that. They just hope this will be enough to win the game. They just hope they can keep their poker face long enough to force the others to fold. They just hope they can win the money for that cute melon pet they found at the ToyStop who needs a good home. The camera pulls out, scans the faces of the other players. One by one, they all fold… except for Foohy.

This is the kind of drama you’d want camera angles for, I presume?

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