Thinking of streaming TU need help on content

Hey guys,
So I am thinking of streaming TU because I have loads of fun playing it with a buddy of mine and it would be awesome to see more people join. I was wondering if you guys have any advice as to what type of content would fun to watch. Obviously I will mostly just be playing to have fun. For example every time I see people play this game anywhere whether its YT of Twitch they always just play mini golf or some mini game. I was just seeking advice to try and break away from that and really show what the game has to offer as it is much more than just minigames. Thanks everyone and this is my first post here so if I messed up following any forums rules please let me know.

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I don’t recommend going to condos while streaming


Yeah I was thinking the same thing as that’s kind of not fun to watch unless I throw a party or something.

Yes, it’s not fun. Haha.

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Just going to quote this as there are plenty more videos and channels out there that do more that “checking out minigames”.

Here’s some:

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And I’m sure there are plenty more people out there with all diffferent ideas.

Your best bet is to find something you like doing rather than forcing yourself to get content out it’s just how you present it that’ll get you somewhere.

Take my feedback or not it’s up to you, but hopefully this helped :slight_smile:


Hey Thanks I no joke just got done binging all of your tower unite videos to get an idea of what other people do you deserve way more subscribers than you have man and I mean that in a good way.

Oh, well thank you! :smiley:
But yeah, like I said, just do what you want to do

(Thanks for the shoutout @XdStevie, lol :yum:)

Heya, I’ve made a few videos in the past and might be able to help.

Streaming doesn’t really seem like the best option if you ask me, as Tower has a kind of repetitive nature to it. What I’d recommend instead if you want to make any sort of videos is Youtube. Just throw together highlights and clips of the best moments (which can sometimes be few and far between in Tower), so that your audience doesn’t get bored.

As someone who makes videos once every blue moon, here’s what I try to focus on:

  • Unique events.
    Because nobody wants to watch a 100+ episode Let’s Play of a Tower Unite player walking around the lobby due to the inevitable repetitiveness, get some people together and have an event of your own! Something nobody’s done before, like the Bone Zone or some kind of celebration. Originality is key.

  • Meta-gaming (Speedruns, competition, etc.).
    See just how good you can get at Minigolf, Ball Race, or other gamemodes and perfect it. Edit together a video of your best runs! Sometimes competition can breathe new life into a game.

  • Be social.
    The most popular videos about Tower all have one thing in common: lots of people. Get some friends together or ask around if anyone wants to help you make a video for Youtube, plenty of people will happily say yes and you might make some friends along the way.

  • Sketches/Shorts.
    If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could always take up writing a script or creating scenes to film within Tower. The Bone Zone is a lightly scripted show with planned events, and has been a blast every year so far. The Lich (Host of the show) and Skeleman (Co-Host) each have distinct personalities when filming the show that usually get a laugh out of everyone.

  • Most importantly, Don’t rush anything.
    There’s no pressure. If you feel like something might not be funny enough, you can always revise it or choose to leave it out. If you can’t think of an idea for a video, you can take inspiration from others who have made videos about Tower.

Also, a word on the technicalities behind making videos:

  • Have the right hardware and software
    Producing any kind of media for the internet nowadays should at least meet some sort of standard. Your videos won’t be nearly as well received if they’re shot in 24FPS and uploaded in 480p. Try to render at least in 720p with a decent framerate. Know your editing software well, and you’ll make great videos. If you need help with editing or recording, just send me a PM through the forums.

  • Audio
    (Disregard if you’ve already got a decent microphone.)
    This is important as well if you’re doing commentary. It might get hard to listen to a $20 microphone from Wal-Mart over a long period of time, so invest in a decent mic and it’ll last you a good while. The Blue Snowball is a fantastic USB mic for starters and it’s under $80.

That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head,