Things that could be Improved in Virus


Many of the weapons feel too similar.
With the Assault Rifles, I feel like it’s Auto Rifle > Tommy Gun > M41A. They feel almost exactly the same except for the Ammo, Which the Auto Rifle doesn’t need, making it superior. They need more differences.
I feel like all the weapons, except the Flak and the Shotguns need a bigger spread. At the moment their Spread is so tightly packed they’re nearly pinpoint accurate, this goes with all the other weapons except for the Flak and the Shotguns.

The 9MM and the Silencer feel like Copy-Pastes. Again, the only difference is the Ammo Count. The 9MM should be given more damage and a Smaller Fire Rate.

Also, The sonic shotgun needs a different firing sound. The current one feels too weak.

Anyway, That’s all for weapons. Basically, add Weapon spread.


Also, it feels like there are only 3 good weapons in the game, and thus people only use them: Dynamite, Double-Barrel Shotgun, and the Flak Cannon.

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And The Sonic Shotgun, in case you don’t have the DB