There should be some 70's disco music to be playing in the Bowling Ally

How else are you supposed to get the vibe of bowling :yum:


Or SOME kind of party music playlist in general. It’s way too quiet in there.

If you go to a full server there is a lot of people screaming :smiley:


Yeah, any ambiance would be nice. The casino could use something too, like /lounge/jazz/bigband.


Agreed! I love lounge/smooth jazz/big band

Why not have the players choose what music is playing?

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Guys, guys, hear me out.
A jukebox that you have to pay a set amount of units to use and you can suggest Youtube/Soundcloud URLs.


I was litterally just about to suggest that.

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Ahh, I hate when that happens… :weary:
I’ve had that done to me before on here too.

In the old GMT days, the party suite used to have one of these. You could request a internet radio station for 5 gmc. Because the price was so low, it was abused, and that was only when there was people in the party suite, that place was so underappreciated.

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