Themed Billiards (Halloween Preview)

Hiya! So this is going to be a very barebones preview of what I’ve been experimenting with in my main condo. This is Themed Billiards, a concept I kinda accidentally stumbled into trying to make my billiards tables look neat for Halloween.

TL;DR, I figured out that while the billiards table’s physics are unaffected by objects, they are affected by any visual effects caused by semi-transparent canvases. This manifests in a sort of visual cut-off, or warping around a certain point. These changes are entirely visual, but so far I’ve been enjoying the extra twist they have, as have others that have come to playtest on my main condo.

Most people compare the concept to something like pinball or minigolf, and although I can’t change the playing field too much, the slight alterations are still good fun. Obviously, it’s not anything mindblowing, but it can make for a fun little party game alteration.

The reason why I’m calling this the “Halloween Preview” is because right now I’ve only recreated the original Halloween tables I made in my main condo, and I wanted to introduce people to them before spooky times were over. I’ll be leaving this version of the condo up to enjoy, but I do hope to make a more expanded and less halloween-oriented condo in the future. Of course, these will still show up in the expanded condo in a standalone room, but I hope to polish everything up overall.

If you have any questions about stuff, feel free to ask. There are currently three tables right now; Spider’s Den, Foggy Forest, and Hell. They’re still in a pretty early state, but I got them to a point where I’m happy enough with these recreated iterations to upload them. That said, I hope you enjoy!