TheCh4ch's Item Showcase Condo Condo Showcase


When I started this condo I decided to buy at least one of every item. Other than a few trees and one elusive catsack, I have every item. As I collected the items I tried to find or make a place for them in the condo that makes sense and fit naturally, with my own eccentricities mixed in. Here’s what it looks like:


Bathroom-Interior I
Bathroom-Interior II
Bathroom-Interior III
Living Room I
Living Room-Bar I
Living Room-Bar II
Living Room-Bar III
Living Room II
Living Room III
Living Room IIII
Rec Room-Exterior
Rec Room-Interior I
Rec Room-Interior II
Rec Room-Interior III
Rec Room-Interior IV
Rec Room-Interior V
Rec Room-Interior VI
Rec Room-Interior VII
Second Floor-Exterior
Second Floor-Gym I
Second Floor-Gym II
Second Floor-Gym III
Second Floor-Bedroom I
Second Floor-Bedroom II
Second Floor-Bedroom III
Second Floor-Bedroom IV
Garden-Exterior I
Garden-Exterior II
Garden–Exterior III
Garden-Exterior IV
Back Deck-Dartboard
Back Deck-Basketball Court I
Back Deck-Basketball Court II
Back Deck-Sand Box
Back Deck-Pool
Back Deck-Rec Area
Back Deck-Hot Tub
Back Deck-Roof Access I
Back Deck-Roof Access II
Roof Access-Interior
Roof Access-Interior
Roof-Dance Floor
Roof-Lounge I
Roof-Lounge II
Roof-Lounge II
Roof-Lounge III
Roof-Boxing Ring I
Boxing Ring II
Roof-Mini Soccer
Roof-Theater I
Roof-Theater II
Roof Theater III
Roof-Theater IV
Roof-Theater V
Roof-Storage I
Roof-Storage II
Roof-Storage III
Roof-Garden I
Roof-Garden II
Roof-Bathroom I
Roof-Bathroom II
Roof-Bathroom III
Beach-Volleyball Net
Beach-Medium Trampoline
Beach-Throwing Range
Beach-Castaway Grill
Beach-Big Fucking TV
Beach-Swim Up Bar
Beach-Big Beach
Beach-Christmas Ornaments
Beach-Halloween Ornaments
Cliff-Shrine To Evil


Very nice shower :eyes:


Nice place, you even got a big tiddy anime girl


I feel that there is some sort of unwritten rule that every condo must have one piece of anime somewhere in it.

Still the condo looks pretty well decorated.


Well i’m happy i’m breaking that rule.


Then we are two that doesn’t.
Now come over here you’re going to jail boy.


Insanely detailed, nice work. :open_mouth:


This would be a 10/10 if it didn’t have so much anime.

8/10, too much anime.


3/10 comment. not enough anime


i broke it


Everything is pretty nice, except bathroom no 3, really? An anime chick… Meh