Anyone else realize that the soda fountains still have the gmod tower logo on them in the theater? lol

Screen cap?

Also doesn’t this come under bugs?

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Oh… ok

i have no idea why i made this .-.


@Zeeno I’m on minigolf atm + you should join the discord :3

10/10 would theater agian… :joy:

I work at a theater IRL

Just to keep the forum tidy, I’ve moved this to the bug report section, but I doubt this will be high on the priority list to fix.

EDIT: Feel free to move this back if I put it in the wrong category. :smile:

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Pretty fun video. Only thing I fond very mildly annoying (even though it was probably a joke) was that cinema is just another name for a theater.

Where I’m from, the Cinema is typically the place where movies are shown, whilst the Theatre hosts live performances, operas, plays, etc.

I’d argue that’s true almost anywhere you go.

I pride myself in being the most uncultured person ever, so I wouldn’t have known. :smile_cat:

Yeah, I should’ve been more specific. A cinema is specifically a movie theater. And yeah a theater is for live shows. I never hear the term cinema used. Maybe it’s just my area or something. Theater is just used for both. Like, going to the theater (as in movie theater) to see a movie, or going to the theater (as in a performance theater) to see a stage show.

sry. im european.

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Sorry about that T^T I wasn’t really sure where to put it as I’m new to forums. (It would seem basic to know but I’m really dumb lol)

Thanks for your report! This has been forwarded straight to our Trello board. You can track its status there (it takes a couple minutes to show up on Trello).

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