Theater-quality projectors in condos

I’ve seen people building their own theater, but none of them have that vibrant colors as the one from the theater.

I tried making my own with different light configurations, but still have failed to get that theater-quality contrast.

My friends and I love to watch videos and Twitch streams together as they are nicely synced, but due to how weak the colors are, we sometimes get annoyed by the blend visuals.

Could we have projectors that has vibrant contrast like the in the theaters?

I need these for a club I was working on, they did some lighting patch in a hotfix and it destroyed the quality of projectors by bringing ambient light levels up.

I see zero reasons why this shouldn’t be a thing. The “real” theater isn’t used all that much anyway.

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I wonder if there are technical reasons why the normal projector is weak.

After thought: The option to make it brighter even if it will wash out wouldnt hurt. Using canvases with certain colors and patters could counteract it. It would be nice to be able to turn it way up if one chooses to, even with the risk of washing everything out.