Theater Notifications

I think we can all agree: Watching videos in the theater on your own is boring.

But, at the same time, there is no actual warning or notification to the players that goes off
when someone is using it, making theater parties more random and lucky.

Can we have a warning (similar to when a game is about to start) for people outside the theater when someone is using it, and adding the choice to join him?

A quick idea would be:
if the players inside the theater are less than 3, or if the theater has been idle for more than 5 minutes and someone activated a video on it, alert all other players:
User who suggested the video is starting a theater party in Theater number! Do you want to join him?”

I only want this if it happens when:

  • It notifies people after a few minutes of nothing in the theatre
    -It only notifies when a new video plays after 5 or 10 minutes. For example, if there area bunch of short >1 minute videos, it would only notify people at the beginning of a new video after the 5 or 10 mark.
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