The 'Walk Button'

In GMod, you can bind a key to walk though console. Walking is slower than the usual speed. Tower Unite should have this feature in ‘non-football-sized’ areas, like the Condo Lobby, Casino, Stations, etc.

I think it can lower traffic in the small areas, as it can get crowded if a server is at (semi?) max players. In owned condos, I think there should be an option for player speed. Keep in mind that I have never played the alphas of Tower Unite, and I’ve only seen footage showing gameplay.

In GMod, the command is “bind [Key] +walk” for anyone intrested.

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or “alt”, walking already is in the keybinding options in the parameter XP

From what I can remember there is already a “Walk button”… But it has been a while since I played the alpha

I talked about the walk button in gmod |3 but maybe for the alpha too, yeah, I’m not sure either

When I get home I will test it out and let you know

So, would you have to hold it, or toggle it on and off?

i would like toggling, because my finger hurts after i hold it for too long, maybe make an option to switch between toggleable and hold.

Or have two buttons.



press w to walk

press w to stop
This is your brain right now

there is… no key to not move o3o


is a suggest

Could always do it ARMA style.

Hold alt to walk. Push it twice to toggle.

One could always use some in-game voice commands to control whether you run or walk. Just yell into your microphone “SLOW DOWN” or “RUN” in public voice chat to run or walk! :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, this is a joke

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I think this should be a minigame. There is a simple, easy-looking course you gotta finish, by moving with yelling commands into your mic. The one who finishes it first wins. And of course yelling commands into your mic would not be so reactive and rather sloppy, to make it more challenging. I can’t imagine the hilarity that would come out of this.

Sounds like one of these crazy games from Japan.


See the following:


Eh, that’s making a melon fly using your voice, not making a player move using your voice.

it was funny tho

I’ve never played the alpha before, but I’m hoping someone will see this and think ‘it’s gud’