The Voices in your Head

Voice chat is up! Complete with ECHO!


Is there any way we can have crystal-clear HD voice in the future? Or is that a steam/engine limitation?

Currently we’re using Steam’s voice chat stuff and working out all the kinks, so the stuttery stuff you hear won’t be there later. It’ll sound pretty freakin awesome once we’re through with it.


You guys need to do a Pixeltail Opera album.


Crystal-clear HD voice is possible? o_0

Possible Soundscapes? Something like Mumble but implemented in the game?

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I never expected Sound Design to be so sexy. :heart_eyes:

I can’t wait til the voice chat is done.
Also, damn, that jetpack is loud.

Positional Audio does sounds like a cool feature, don’t know how easy that would be with Steam VoIP and Unreal however.

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Zak’s voice <3

CS:GO got a somewhat recent update that made the voice audio sound great. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than it was before.

Will we be able to disable echoing in voice chat? I can already see it getting on my nerves :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (Oh yeah, Awesome Feature, guys! :ferris_wheel::office::bullettrain_side:

I’m guessing the echoes are only based on where you are location wise (assuming you didn’t already guess that). Despite that, I’d still like to see an option to disable it as well.

Given the fact that the team wants everything to be customizable, I’d be super surprised if you couldn’t turn them off.

The beginning part, up until about 0:12, is actually pretty hilarious. :laughing:

IIRC, this very much depends on their voice codec of choice. Some use more bandwidth than others.

I’d think they would end up using Opus Opus (audio format) - Wikipedia , considering at least to my knowledge, that seems to be the most popular Codec for low latency VoiP applications.

Oh my god.

I thought Opus was a game mac made for college.
I still have it somewhere on this hard drive, it was pretty fun

Lovely :blush: